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Steed Bonnet was actually a real pirate I believe. Even sailed with Black Beard for a time.

Pirates, Vampires, and Princes all obey the rule (

A three way vinn-diagram with pirates, vampires, and Princes in the three main circles. At the intersection of pirates and vampires is “classic go-to villains”. Vampires and Princes share “living in castles”. Princes and pirates both have “stealing from peasants”. The shared trait of all three is “wearing these...


This is very clearly talking about the working class rural south who are not the same people driving $100k trucks, or if they are they’re deeply in debt to keep up what they see as necessary appearances - which is again a result of capitalist advertising and only works to keep these people poorer in the long run even if they have a nice expensive new toy temporarily.

I know the meme is that rural southerners all drive massive new trucks, but the majority of the rural south is extremely economically depressed and is 100% not going to respond well to liberal policies that do in fact come from urban areas with completely different material conditions. Even if the majority of people in both rural and urban/suburban settings do share a status of oppression from the capitalist class, their relationship to this oppression and the actual solutions to it often don’t look the same - something that the democratic party will never compensate for.

On the bright side many of these rural southerners see themselves as libertarians to a large degree. Even if their ideas of liberty have been poisoned by the modern right wing, I’ve found they will often respond well to (historically conscious) libertarian socialist ideas when presented individually and outside of their predisposed ideas of left-right politics.

Not to mention that in many southern states voter turnout is extremely low, and the reality is that even though our politicians are mostly garbage right wingers - the people here are simply being trapped by their economic situation and the policies enacted by the few only further entrench their inability to escape poverty.

At the end of the day the working class rural south is primarily suffering from a lack of class conscious education and economic policies brought on by their ignorance.

Of course there’s also a history of racism here that has historically been exploited by the right wing to further entrench itself, but again the further down the economic totem pole you go the more you find that white and black folks in the rural south suffer from this in much the same way, and they often know it.


I can respond to your points if you’ll ensure to me that you’re arguing in good faith. I’m not inclined however to debate with someone who uses straw men and whataboutisms.

I will say that I agree with you in that both rural and urban folks suffer from a lack of class consciousness that prevents any meaningful change.

I would however point out that from my perspective the entire point of the meme and this thread is to connect the struggle of the rural and urban poor.


Around here 2 inches will shut down every business and school in the state and cause huge pileups regularly at intersections and on highways. It’s not always about the amount of snow but about how prepared the community is to handle it. Plus when warmer climates do get winter weather it can be worse on the roads than colder locations because the snow will often partially melt then refreeze as a smooth slab of ice.

I think that’s actually what this meme is intending. All of these are indicative of the US south.


In this context “liberal” is being used as a synonym for communist, because that’s how American right wingers use it, but to a a leftist (socialist, communist, anarchist - the target audience for this meme) liberals, or more accurately neo-liberals, are center right capitalists. So while a right winger might throw all of these as insults at someone left of fascist, a leftist would only take offense to being called a liberal.


Liberals are certainly pro-capitalist, but a modern leftist wouldnt refer to a fascist or conservative as a liberal. The term is pretty much used to describe people who claim to be left leaning while still advocating for incremental (rather than radical) change, such as the modern American democratic party. It is used as a derogatory because liberals generally speaking don’t have any intention of dismantling the corporate capitalist oligarchy, or implementing true socialist policies.

Even if some self-identified liberals do desire these changes - to a leftist their methods are seen as ineffectual by design, therefore further contributing to the longevity of the broken capitalist system.


The “liberal” insult coming from a right winger would be used in a similar way to what you describe there, but to a leftist “liberal” is also an insult in a very different sense. Leftists basically use liberal as a derogatory for people that aren’t far enough to the left. There’s a lot of nuance to it in the way that the term is used now, but that’s kind of the gist of it.


Don’t equate the struggle for liberation and self-determination with a fascist coup attempt

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