Biden signs historic order moving prosecution of military sexual assault outside chain of command (

President Joe Biden on Friday ordered a historic change to the Uniform Code of Military Justice by transferring key decision-making authorities outside the military chain of command in cases of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, murder and other serious crimes.

Daily Beast has picked up the story: Kansas Newspaper Slams ‘Gestapo Tactics’ After Police Raid - Update: Co-Owner Has Died (

“We will be seeking maximum sanctions under the law possible,” Marion County Record’s publisher said after the entire local police department seized reporting materials....

WikiLeaks publishes "The Intolerance Network", over 17,000 documents from right-wing campaigning organisations globally (

The data covers the work of organisations HazteOir and CitizenGO, comprising documents which date from 2001 to 2017 like spreadsheets of donors and members, strategy and planning documents, letters, financial charts and legal and training documents. HazteOir was first founded in 2001 in Spain to campaign for right wing values,...

Senate committee approves legislation to impose stronger ethics standards on Supreme Court justices (

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court would have to abide by stronger ethics standards under legislation approved on Thursday by the Senate Judiciary Committee, a response to recent revelations about donor-funded trips by justices. The bill faced united opposition from Republicans, who said it could “destroy” the court.

Universal under investigation after it trimmed trees that shaded SAG-AFTRA protesters | CNN Business (

The Los Angeles City Controller’s office is investigating after NBCUniversal severely trimmed a row of trees outside its studios where members of SAG-AFTRA were picketing company executives, eliminating shade during a searing heatwave.

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