she/they 🏳️‍⚧️


just looking around for now

Rust dev, I enjoy reading and playing games, I also usually like to spend time with friends.

You can reach me on mastodon @sukhmel or telegram @sukhmel

I’m just a weird, furry, pan guy (cis he/him). I also have a big, blue username. This is my primary Lemmy account, but I have many others like it on other instances.

Despite all my rage I’m still a rat refreshing this page.

I use arch btw

Credibly accused of being a fascist, liberal, commie, anarchist, child, boomer, and db0’s sockpuppet.

Pronouns are she/her.

Vegan for the iron deficiency.


Blame this on the misfortune of your birth.

Hello I’m a real person. I use Firefox btw.

Alt of PugJesus for ensuring Fediverse compatibility and shit

Yet another ND linux-using transfemme who programs for a living

She/her, fae/faer if you’re feeling fancy

I swear I’m not Jessica

pls remind me not to be so mean

Big fan of SBC gaming, open source engine recreations/source ports, gaming in general, the cyberpunk aesthetic, Linux, photographing graffiti, and firmware modding.

Trying to post and comment often in an effort to add to Lemmy’s growth.

Three o’s!


🏳️‍⚧️ she/her

Pronouns: He/Him

📍🇲🇽; 19 yo; 🏳‍⚧ (she/they); [es, en, pt, fr, eo]; Developer, FOSS advocate.

Levanta la multicolor. ¡Viva la diversidad!

About me:

He / They

Software Developer

I own two blåhajar

I love you c:


my names alice, i have pronouns (she/her) and blue hair (lie)

i do homosexual activities daily. be afraid.

og account:

Just your average translater living in her goth slut era

(He/him) Marxist-Leninist and amateur writer. I like cats, foxes, sci-fi, science fantasy, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Message me for my roleplay ideas!


Discord: LinuxFennekin#5514

Reddit: /u/HiddenLayer5

Hi there!

I’m Oha and I own the place! More about me:

She/they. Greek-American. Trying something new.

Hello! My name is Cobalt Swiftpaw. I’m here for memes and art.

Previously /u/PirandelloKruger723 on Reddit.

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