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Somehow worse.

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I shit you not, this is the literal translation.

SATAN is👹⚔️ workin overtime 💪💪to make a new level of hell 🪚⚒🪚cause 🎉🎉💀HENRY PISSinger☠️ has FINALLY FUCKIN DIED🪦🪦🎉🎉!! u may know this proPIGandist🐽🐽 by his greatest hits: BOMBINGS 💣, GENOCIDES 👎😡😢, MILITARY💂 COUPS💥, and other 🚔🚔CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY🏴‍☠️!! but DID U KNOW 🧠❓he was also someone hillary clinton 👵🏻 considered a close personal friend😘👯‍♀️🆒!! he devoted his life to DICKlaring 🍆🍆war 🚫AGAINST 🚫 the CUMMIES💦💂💦 and other unCUNTstitutional 🍑🦪🦪🍑things and ppl called him a hero🤔🤷😡👎‼️⁉️ today we pour one out 🍻 🥂🍾 for one of the WORST PEOPLE🤢👿🤢 to ever do it‼️ so SPREAD ↔️THOSE LEGS 💃💃 like ur the freedom 🗽🗽of infWHOREmation 📚📜📚act && send this to 2️⃣1️⃣ people u want to give u their TRICKY DICK 👁👅👁. GET5️⃣ BACK, you’ll give someone a déTENTe ⛺️🪵 IN THEIR PANTS get 🔟 back and you’ll be getting realpoliDICKED 🤤🤤🍆🍆DOWN with that MISSILE TREATY😏🚀🚀😏 tonight‼️

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bunny rule


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I hope she’s okay.


Went to a vet, going tomorrow as well

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How is it never mentioned in the entire video that Ammonia is a highly toxic gas.

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@Johncdvorak where does the energy come from to make the ammonia?

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@Johncdvorak Isn't gasoline toxic too?

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We're live now at with No Agenda episode 1599 #@pocketnoagenda

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@adam ITM meanwhile back at the ranch, back in the saddle again Sunday Phunday eh!

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@adam This also deserve to be episode art. It's perfect.

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I do declare that this day is for rest, and whatever your wife asks you to do, so long as you can wear headphones while doing it.

Today on the No Agenda Stream:

9:00AM c - The Two Hour Folk Hour w/ @phifer & @RustyApples

11:00AM c - Rock 'N' Roll Preshow w/ @darrenoneill

1:00PM c - No Agenda w/ @adam & @Johncdvorak

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I'm getting more suspicious of all this.

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@Johncdvorak when a progressive says that something is a lie... they mean inconvenient truth. It's always projection

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@Johncdvorak a Jewish Imam? Like a Jewish Kosher Rabbit? Or a Fundamentalist Christian Abortionist? Or a portrait of Mohammed made from pork products?

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@adam Just donated for the first time. It was great to sit on the porch with you and Slim at White Oak Pastures. Thanks for everything you've done for the Beefinitiative. For anyone in Colorado looking for grassfed and finished beef we are the hookup. They can find us on twitter @jasonwrich This Monday the 16th with be my 45th trip around the sun. My wife and I just purchased the neighboring ranch and are fixing it up for airbnb and wedding/conference venue. Jason Wrich, (rik) Crawford,CO

adam, avatar

@wrichranches TYFYC Jason!

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Thought you all would enjoy this hilarious commercial. Haven't heard of this website, but you better believe it's now fully on my radar.

Woke-free job board

@adam @Johncdvorak

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@Johncdvorak Just another instead.🐱

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@Johncdvorak Jiwho now?

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What is this we are seeing???

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@Johncdvorak Impressive

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@Johncdvorak it look’s like the Patriots Defense Missile demonstration , similar to the ones used in the Gulf War to shoot down Scuds. We were so concerned EMP everything was on a Cathode Ray Tub, like Space invaders Video Game, you had to scroll a track ball to lock on a target. Some guys were better than others overall 80% success rate. There was always collateral damage from shit falling out of the sky. The turns are to bleed off speed, because they aren’t designed for slow moving rockets.

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Just noticed a great Mastodon (web) feature: mouse-over emoticons and you get a popup saying what they are. If you are as emoticon-illiterate as me, you'll find this super-useful.

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@dangillmor emoticons? or emojis?

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apparently toyota has decided to use one component of rocket fuel for their new combustion engine.

sure it uhh lacks carbon, but it has nitrogen - I don't know if that's going to make anyone happy considering they've already been laying the stage for nitrogen pollution (which is 73% of the air we breathe...)

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@PakkonenCT How is it never mentioned in the entire video that Ammonia is a highly toxic gas.

PakkonenCT, avatar

@Johncdvorak marketing?

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Podcasting 2.0 - Episode 150: "Enshitification"
Adam & Dave discuss the state of de-centralization

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@adam great board meeting. The fight continues.

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don't be too harsh on no agenda social... it is better it exists than not.

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@adam great for you! We have a great one we go to as well in our area. Hold onto that - the sense of community is great I hope. Plus it's great for the myligda.

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@adam love the quote on the home page, it's true

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