Just poison the beer save America the trouble…


Meh, civil war schmivel war. Until then we can still get drunk off our asses and accuse each other of being commie pinko liberal camel-f#ckers. I mean what's the point of life otherwise. Also, as a pinko liberal camel-f#cker, I know a warm place I can hide in if war breaks out. (Ummm you can use your imagination).

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My imagination is cold tho


It wouldn't be if you were in camel's a$$hole - unless that camel had been cold awhile also. And if I'm already in there, it might get a little crowded.

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I have access to remote places too but I’m too old to want to fight off younger roaming raiding parties.

So my plan is to just pull up a chair on my rooftop and watch the fireworks until someone murders me


Good plan. If you know the world is collapsing, go drink in the world as much as you can until it happens. In the novel "Forge of God," when one character learns the earth IS going to be destroyed, he simply drives to a national park and camps out there, waiting for the end. That's how I'd like to live my last days. Maybe the world will end in fire, maybe ice - but either way I want to have absorbed the beauty of it as much as possible.

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Not “if I have to kill you in a civil war” but “when I have to kill you in a civil war”.


Man, why does humanity have to be like this?


I only wish it wasn't this way. Nobody asked, but I'm gonna say it anyway - (looks around to make sure no spies are listening) - my favorite book is "Lost Horizon." Yeeee heee there I said it. YES, YES I'm A PACIFIST and even more alarming, I'd rather live in a peaceful and friendly world than a war torn one. (I know how insane that sounds but it's true).


I am positive this is being caused by climate collapse and I ought to make a conspiracy thread about it at some point. Maybe meme it out and post it here.


Yes. YES it MUST be due to climate collapse! I was blind not to see it before. My blindness is due to climate collapse!! The whole thing is a big conspiracy.


It is the root cause of this bullshit as it’s been the main global driving force for a lot of war and bullshit that’s happened this century, it’s directly at least partially responsible for the economic downturn we’ve suffered the past few years even after taking covid into account, and abrupt climate change historically causes civilizations to collapse.

Like, the west is straight up running out of water. The Mississippi is being inundated with salt water. Even eastern cities are facing water shortages. That affects everything, especially food prices which we all have seen are through the roof, and those kinds of stressors drive people to violence and cause revolutions.

Even the mass immigration the right wing is using as their wedge issue to push fascism is being caused by climate collapse. It’s not just the cartels and corruption. People are leaving central America en masse because climate collapse is making it fucking impossible for them to grow crops, so they come up here to work. And the racist right being what they are are threatened by that.

It’s all around us and it’s only going to get worse unless other people make the connection and start doing something about all of these problems.

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At this current moment it feels as though we’d have to somehow snatch survival from the jaws of the changing climate. We’ve pissed away so much time that our rope dangles freely within its bite range. From my point of view, the torch will have to be passed to the squatters in the ruins.


But who will think of the shareholders? They’re the real victims.

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Shareholders are the faceless masses. Ever since pensions were tongue-punched into oblivion and replaced with 401ks the average folk are the shareholders. Stake shareholders are who you are thinking of, and while they drive the shitty decisions, regular ol’ Beth & Martin down the way are also driving enshittification. They want line to go up, too. Because it means more money in their retirement. This entire system is a self defeating, vicious cycle unless you’re rich.


Well damn. A fair and nuanced explanation. On the internet, no less. Hadn’t thought about that before. Gonna have to readjust some opinions.


Just wanna add. Why do big box stores keep putting white shirts behind lock and key? Because they know shit is about to go down.


Sorry, there was some interference, mind repeating into the wire?

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He said, "I'd rather live in a ceaselessly unfriendly world, and a war-torn one!" No need for alarm!


I've actually had people tell me I'm stupid for wanting to live in a peaceful world, and how much they prefer the idea of having to be weaponized and in battle with other people all the time. To me, that's pretty damn pathetic, but I also feel like whatever world you dream of is the world you deserve to inhabit.

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well good news, humanity isn’t like this.

A proportionally miniscule group of people have figured out how to get into positions of power and structure society so that they stay in power and get to exploit everyone else.

that karl marx dude wrote a very nice book explaining how it works, for which the rich people have detested him ever since


“When I am going to kill you in a civil war”


More likely, the MAGA idiot will get himself killed in a pretend civil war.

They really ain’t a bright bunch of people. They thought losing a civil war once was not enough, so they had to add a failed insurrection to the list.

I am genuinely curious what their next genius move is going to be.

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