Sorry I’m just forced to exist in a world that only cares about monetizing every single moment of my life while giving me less than the bare minimum to survive without giving all of my time to an employer who reaps 90% of the benefits that I sow.

I mean fine. I’m fine.


Just gotta make it to the weekend.


My thoughts everyday

sharkfucker420, avatar

I oscillate between doing everything I can in my degree for 8 hours a day for weeks and then doing absolutely nothing for just as long


Oh, oh no


it’s rough out here tbh


Doing too much 🤝 Feeling like you are slacking off

CyberCatBytes, avatar

I'm literally just coping (Smoking absurd amounts of weed and sitting on my PC all day)


Weed, computer, crying - sounds like a good day’s work to me


Sometimes getting up in the morning is accomplishment enough.

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