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Lol. However Ive never heard of this! Thanks!


I’m not sure how many times I should think.


Mozilla relay 👍


Similar feel, no need to understand german. Its a calculator by a newspaper to figure out if you would be considered middle class, but the whole thing is paywalled……/soziale-ungleichheit-einkommen-armut-re…


I did once test the paid version for 1€ per week for the test period. I still had ads on their app and would need to pay another 9€ to disable ads. Maybe the test month isn’t a full experience until you pay 9€ a month regularly but I understand it as you pay 9€ for exclusive articles and 9€ on top to remove ads.

I don’t see how this business model works out for anyone.


Judging by what I read about Germany’s newspapers, it doesn’t. Which is kinda scary? Even if these papers clearly have issues, we really do need local journalism (and it’s even more dire for media that isn’t targeting the national market).


Those prices feel so expensive, too. Like, does the news cost more to produce than full length movies and TV shows? Cause all the streaming video apps are far cheaper than 9€ a week. The only thing 9€ is cheap for is if you would have been buying a newspaper daily. Incidentally, newspapers have ads despite being bought, so that might explain why they kept ads in the web version too?

A price like that may have made sense in the pre internet days, when a newspaper was a big chunk of my daily reading due to general lack of alternatives. But these days? I probably only read a single digit number of articles per day about the biggest headlines. And since I get lots of news from social media like Lemmy, it crosses many websites, which is unconductive with subscribing. Plus it feels like a sizable chunk of news articles are just quoting AP or Reuters these days, anyway.

Mind you, I’m also Canadian. We have a fully publically funded news service (the CBC) that isn’t paywalled and generally high quality.


Can middle class people afford paywalls? That’s how the calculator works.


Exactly, it answers itself automatically :)


My spam email is my aim username from a hundred years [email protected]. I always get a laugh when I have to verbally give someone “my” email address. It’s a reference to a shitty late 90’s early 00’s band.

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Mine is about work I used to do and if you don’t know me and don’t know I did the work, it sounds arrogant. Oh well.


I for one do not consider your work to be arrogant at all, and I actually think we need more people in the flying mollusc field, squid or otherwise. Appreciate what you and your fellow celaphopods do, and keep up the good work!

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Why thank you, but flying squid is my identity, not my job. Sadly, I’ve never been paid for soaring above the waves.




Ha no it’s a Sum41 reference because I was super punk rock.

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They do say “everyone”, though

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This email address will automatically be deleted on Thursday 21st of December 2023.

Unless I delete it sooner due to extra spam.

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