am straight

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I’m a secret 5th thing


This checks out. I was cismale until I joined Lemmy and got hatched by the Blåhaj Zone. Now I can write sentences like the preceding one without even flinching.

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I’m gay

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I’ve always wondered why MtF seems way more common the FtM


Depends on the circles you move in. On Tumblr FtM is (or was, when I used it) far more visible.


Probably since it’s a platform used mostly by dudes, who’ll keep using it afterwards


But wouldn’t that oppose the idea of transgender? If a trans woman is a woman, wouldn’t they be more common in female dominated areas?


Not if they were living like most men before, and stay in those communities after transitioning


I mean like Lemmy doesn’t actually make you pass a gender test to login or anything, so old habits wont change


nope. i was living as a dude who liked dude stuff, now that I’m living as a woman I’m not gonna change everything i like just to conform to your idea of a woman. sometimes girls like dude stuff too


Sometimes girls like dude stuff. But if trans women were the same as cis women, it’d be just as rare for trans women to like dude stuff as it is for cis women.

The only reason (that does not conflict with the idea of trans and cis women being equal) I see why that occurs is that perhaps trans women are indoctrinated to like dude stuff when they’re young, and that indoctrination remains even after transitioning.


Uh isn’t an easier explanation that society encourages people to get hobbies fitting their gender stereotype and discourages the opposite?

There is no dude stuff, there’s what society thinks dude stuff should be and people raised as dudes are more likely to get hobbies matching these expectations.


nobody thinks trans women are “the same as” cis women. The only thing any woman is guaranteed to have in common with another woman is that they are a woman. That goes for all types of women


I’m still the same metalhead as ever, hah. Transition doesn’t change your interests, passions, and hobbies. If transfems are into some traditionally masc things as a product of being raised as boys, that’ll tend to stick around after transitioning. That doesn’t make them not women, but it does make them more likely to be in traditionally masc spaces than cis women.

And ultimately, I feel that’s a good thing - there’s really no reason women wouldn’t be interested in metal outside of cultural norms, and if more trans women are in those spaces I hope it makes cis women more comfortable to explore those interests too.


Nah some searching tells me that even in society as a whole, trans women are 2-4 times more common then the opposite.


Maybe being a man just sucks, idk


I was kind of thinking the same. A woman with masculine traits is generally more accepted then a man with feminine traits. In the west anyway.

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If you’re just talking about the fediverse, it’s probably because a lot of us (MtF’s I mean) got interested in things like tech at a young age, and that interest just persisted into adulthood. Interests like that aren’t pushed as much to people raised as girls, so a lot of FtM people don’t really get into it, if they even have the chance to try it at all.

If you mean society as a whole, well there are a lot of reasons. A big one imo is media representation. Every single sitcom had a trans girl character at some point, but the only one I could think of that had a trans guy before the 2000s was the Golden Girls.


ngl I’ve been looking into this recently and its actually kinda the opposite in most countries - considering usual misogynistic societies a women would be ‘improved’ as a man and the opposite vise versa.

Hence why we have like Pocahontas a while back but not really mtf equivalents (at least that I can think of, and aren’t just the butt end of a joke).

But nowadays the mtf’s are finally able to be themselves so I feel like were seeing a wave of relief in the community that’s always been there (just repressed af)



You mean Mulan?


I do I’m not that into Disney 😔 apologies for my transgressions

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I’ve always wondered that as well, it’s really weird because you would think it’s an even split but it ends up being so extremely disproportionate.


That’s because the FtM lads are all too busy chopping lumber and winning bread.


I can’t figure out how to log off my computer


It’s because it is. The short version is because it’s socially acceptable for a woman to be somewhat masculine but it’s not socially acceptable for a man to be feminine. A man wearing makeup, a dress, etc. stands out way more than a woman wearing a suit, jeans, etc. It is believed that this results in higher rates of transwomen. Obviously this is an oversimplified explanation, but it’s the gist of it.

Source: Multiple degrees in psychology.

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Are these new genders I am unaware of?

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nah, these were added a long time ago

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You gotta keep up with the patch notes.


They keep nerfing cis but I guess that’s ok cause it’s still OP af.


Other: zero votes No diversity here. This is dry land we got here

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Enby kinda covers everything, right? I don’t think the genderfluid folk would be offended by an “enby” label but better to leave the option in, I guess.


I agree on Enbys covering essentially everything. My comment was supposed to be some joke, since on Fedi we actually are very diverse, which is super cool.

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It’s been 8 hours since the poll started, maybe somebody has already voted the “Other” option.

EDIT: Yep. I just checked and 4 people have voted “Other” so far.

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