Poperrule (

Image transcription: A screenshot of a Tweet by @Terror_Alarm, with images of Pope Francis and the transgender flag attached. The Tweet reads: “🇻🇦🏳️‍⚧️ His Holiness Pope Francis to finally allow #transgender Catholics to be baptized, the Vatican announced. It is a major step for trans inclusion, very big and...

Francirule (

Image transcription: A screenshot of a Tumblr post by smol-blue-bird. The post reads: “sometimes when I’m bored, I go through the list of recent bad faith Wikipedia edits that have since been reverted. a lot of them are politically contentious/offensive topics that attract crazies and trolls in general but sometimes there...

Voice Ruler (

A screenshot of a tweet from @zumo_zd, which reads “I like it when this happens”. The attached image is a drawn mock-up of an IMDb-style page of “Popular Voice Actor Man, known for Lord Darkness Edgeman from Blood Dying and Screaming”. On his list of roles, this casting is listed, but he is also listed as voicing...

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